Posted by admin on  16/05/2018
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I love the Cremyll ferry. It is the quickest way into Cornwall and takes you from Admirals hard to Cremyll in less than 8 minutes. They take foot passengers, bikes, prams and the staff are always helpful. In the summer months, they often finish after the sun has already set. The hills of this area are a tough cycle but you


Posted by admin on  23/04/2018
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I recently got a new lightweight travel tripod (Manfrotto BeFree) so I thought I would get a grip on the controls and set up in my local area. The Royal William (Victualling) Yard is an area I have photographed a lot but not often from the “blue hour” to darkness. For those unfamiliar with the term, blue hour is the period before


Posted by admin on  07/04/2018
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In my day job, I tend to do things in very methodical, ordered and sequential fashion. Often there is a definitive purpose to this and doing the same thing over and over again is important in terms of maintaining quality. Although there are an almost infinite amount of subjects to photograph, and we can choose to photograph them in a


Posted by admin on  30/03/2018
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Now that spring has finally arrived, I thought I would reflect on and edit my photos from the last of winter. Recently we were ‘trapped’ in Clifton village, Bristol during the “beast from the East”. The snowfall really changes the city. Clifton is a beautiful location to photograph at any time, but especially in the snow. The pristine white snow